PBI active fruit fresh-keeping bags: After picking, fruits and vegetables are cut off their water and minerals supply. Assimilation is almost stopped, but it is still alive. Life activity is still going on inside, mainly including respiration in metabolic process. The more vigorous the respiration, the quicker various physiological and biochemical processes are, and the shorter the life after picking .

That is to say, fruits storage and fresh-keeping mainly include respiration restraining, which should never affect normal metabolic process however. Temperature, gas and humidity are the main factors affecting respiration. Large amount of laboratory test proved that respiration can be restrained by increasing the CO2 content in the air, while reducing that of O2.To most fruits, a CO2 thickness of 1%~5% is suitable. But different fruits have their respective requirements for temperature, ratio of gas content, and humidity. The company developed special and professional active fresh-keeping bags that are proper for the respective features of fruits according to their biological natures, which effectively restrain the respiration of fruits, put it in a sleeping state, and without affecting normal metabolic process. Fruit corruption rate is under 2%, while the weight loses is below 0.5%.

PBI物理活化水果保鲜袋:水果在采摘后失去了水和无机物的供应,同化作用基本停止,但仍然是活体,生命活动仍在进行,其主要代谢过程是呼吸作用,而呼吸作用越旺盛,各种生理、生化过程进行的越快,采后寿命就越短。所以水果的贮藏、保鲜主要是抑制呼吸,但不能影响正常的代谢。温度、气体、湿度又是影响呼吸的主要因素。经大量实验证明适当提高空气中的CO₂含量,降低O₂含量可抑制呼吸。对于大多数水果来说比较合适的CO₂浓度为1%~5%。但每种水果又有其特定的温度、气体含量比例、湿度。公司根据每种水果的不同生理特性研制出了专业的、适合各种水果特性的、特定活化保鲜袋,可有效的抑制水果呼吸,使果实达到一种休眠状态,且不干扰果实正常的生理代谢。坏果率在 2% 以下,重量流失在0.5%以下

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